1. I had previously been working with another producer on my song, after a month long of revisions and frustration I eventually gave up and sent the song to Chris. He got it right the first time, no revisions were required. The process was quick and hassle-free, Chris obviously has a great ear and the experience to know objectively what a professional mix is. I’ve had a long interest in mixing and mastering and Chris gets it.

  2. Chris has been amazing. He has now persevered with 6 of my tracks and to be honest i wouldn’t go anywhere else! Why would you, this guy can turn ordinary into sonic magic!

  3. This is 2Rill from Corpus Christi, Texas… Working with Chris has been an awesome experience to say the least. He cares for your music as if it’s his own, you can really notice by tge quality and fine detail that he’s a professional and master at what he does. You cant go wrong with Chris on your side. If youre looking to get mixed and mastered, you dont need to look any further, dont hesitate and waste anymore time and message Chris today! Check out his work on my album here: https://soundcloud.com/2-rill/sets/2rill-tha-davenci-code … Much luv #2RiLL

  4. Chris’s work is exceptional and I have really enjoyed working with him to achieve a great vibe! Have a listen https://soundcloud.com/M3thias! Look forward to working with you again Chris!

  5. Chris helped bring one of my first EDM productions to the next level. His ear helped fine tune the mixdown and master of my track that has helped propel my career. Excited to work with him on future projects. !

  6. Working with you whether mixing or mastering has been a pleasure, great ear & taste.

    2 times platinum award winning singer/songwriter
    Yuri Mrakadi

  7. Chris is a great person. A great engineer and a great friend. He definitely lifts up your mix and gives it the required energy. Will always use him for further music as well.

    Keep it up!

  8. Chris took a vocal melody of mine and put a dope harmonic twist on it with his own instrumental, which — Bang! — took the song to a higher, more interesting level. No to mention super powerful sonic mix/master. And in like record turnaround time. Genius!!

  9. Chris did an awsome job on the mixing, mastering, vocal production. My song wasn’t whole till I put it through this transforming step! Worth every penny and makes it possible for me to do what I love, music!

  10. Working with Chris is a fantastic experience. His professionalism and level of capability are what separates him from other engineers out in the world! An absolute pleasure to work with!

  11. I’m very happy to be working with Chris Dececio! He is the mastering king of my soon to be released world wide debut album + all single mixes, and he also produced one of the greatest tracks on the album!! CHRIS YOU ROCK!

  12. Chris did an amazing job with the record and brought it to another peak! Can’t wait to work him again and will recommend to anyone who wants be serious about their craft. Thanks again!

  13. Chris did a great job mastering my mix which was far from perfect. He fixed the imperfections and highlighted it’s strengths while giving it that final polish. He’s now my go to guy for mastering.

  14. Chris’s masters are fantastic. highly recommended!!

  15. Been working with Chris on a few tracks now, the man is a genius! Perfect results time and time again.

  16. Chris is the best to work with – very prompt and professional, always cordial, and a highly skilled individual! Thanks for all the awesome mix mastering, sir!! =)

  17. I had the pleasure of Chris helping me with my mix and the man is an absolute genius!!! I recommend any producer who wants to take their stuff to the next level to get in touch with this man!!!! Serious Talent!!!!

  18. Currently working on a few projects for release in 2014 with Chris mixing and delivering additional production..

    Chris definitely knows what’s he’s doing.. his results are consistent and impressive and more importantly he is always on time with the product finished.

    Looking forward to future tracks in 2014.

  19. Chris is a pleasure to work with, he has a real ear for getting mixes right.

  20. Chris is the Mix-Wizard to go to when it comes down to mixing vocals, and is very comprehensive as to what the clients needs/wants are.
    Very professional and attentive to detail, I would recommend Chris to anyone who needs a proper Mixing or Mastering done.

  21. Just awesome, I would recommend Chris to anyone wanting great mastering at an affordable rate!

  22. Chris, described in one word “Quality”! Top notch mixing and mastering engineer, who will deliver everything you need. Excellent work, and very affordable.

  23. Chris brought out so much more energy in our track than I expected possible, really took it to a commercial level. For the price, his services are off the chart and well worth the small investment. He also helped out by replacing some samples that didn’t work in the mix, so it’s obvious he’s after the best end result possible. Thanks for everything Chris, amazing job and hopefully one day I can give you something to mix that’s as good as your own work!

    • I second everything Joshua said above……Chris gave our song a fantastic, crunchy power, and in an amazing turnaround time. Very, very appreciative to him and admiring of his work, thank you!!!!

  24. I contacted Chris because I wanted to get a track in the best shape possible before sending it out to labels. Chris did the mixing for me and brought the track to the next level and went further then only mixing, he even added new sounds to it. The track sounds great now and I have good hopes it will get released. Thanks Chris!

  25. I would absolutely reommend using Chris for mixing and mastering. He mixed and mastered one of my tracks and was very open to changing anything i wanted afterwards. There was very little to change 🙂
    The price is also good for the professional work he does. Just trust this guy. Thumbs up!

  26. Hi all.. We are music writers and producers from Macedonia..
    We wrote and produced our first english music track, but our dream was fulfilled when Chris Dececio finished it up.
    We knew about his production and mastering skills, his experience in this area and projects he was involved in..
    But we were amazed by his profesionalism, kindness & patience, effective advices..
    After his polishing and magic ingredients, the track just got – international..
    We trust him totally and our next projects will include – Bellatrax.. 🙂

    Alex and Davor

  27. Dear all,

    I would like to recommend Chris for mixing and mastering your dance tracks.

    Recently he took on the job of mixing and mastering one of my tunes and (amongst others) he made it clearer and more energetic.

    Because I am not easily satisfied and because of being a pain in the neck, I need to say I am very happy with the patience Chris showed. I judge him a professional not just by the (musical) results he obtained but also in respect of dealing with people who can sometimes be a bit difficult (like me).

    Thanks for being patient and for taking my track to the next level, hope to work with you soon again!

    Ciao & all the best,

    Richard Citteur – Amsterdam

  28. Chris is an amazing producer and mixing/mastering engineer who transformed my mediocre mix into an explosive master piece with his top level craftsmanship. He is also extremely professional and friendly at the same time that he would revise the mix multiple times until the client becomes completely satisfied. Without a doubt I will go back to this man for future projects.

  29. Chris is definitely a superb producer. This guy clearly got an impressive talent. He just transforms any crappy song into a master piece. Very glad with his work. Highly recommended 🙂

  30. Chris is a complete music producer! Writing, editing, mixing and mastering… What more do you want? He turn your song into a product of the highest level! I will work whit him forever… Thank’you Chris.

  31. Chris Dececio’s is a Master’s Master! He gave me superb results in mastering my soon to be released monster hit! Leave it to the U.K.!

  32. Chris is a master at getting the mix right first time. Top ears, great sound, real impact and great at tightening up the channels. Definitely firmly on my mix+master A-List for the future! Top notch.

    Del Gibbons
    “Freedom” (Wez Clarke/Fonzerelli/Control-S Remixes) – Tiesto Clublife 216, MOS Radio, MTV Dance, Kiss 100, TrackitDown featured
    “Are You Ready to Fly 2012” (Rozalla) DigiDJ #1, CDPool

  33. Always top notch mixing from Chris

  34. Chris’s mixes are top notch! Clean and slamming at the same time!

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